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Related post: Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2004 22:48:03 EDT From: Subject: "RICHARD BUCKET" (PART 2)The following story is FICTION based upon FICTIONAL characters. "KEEPING UP APPEARANCES" is a BBC production and written and directed by Harold Snoad. As promised, here is part 2, and, I am very much surprised at the amount of requests I've had for continuing the series. So here, in Part 2, we see incest cartoons toplist the henpecked, mild-mannered Richard Bucket (pronounced "BOO-KAY"!) feel his long-dormant homoerotic feelings surface, Erotica toplist and, to Emmett's surprise, become an animalistic sex fiend!! UNZIP ANDENJOY!!! After that hot, teen toplist xxx erotic romp with his handsome free pregnant porn toplists next-door neighbour Emmett, Richard called up his boss and told him he couldn't make the Departmental luncheon, as he was feeling ill. Then, Richard placed a call to the Quik-Laundry, who picked up the jizz-stained bedclothes, promising them back by earlyafternoon. 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